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Trusted. Experienced. Reliable.

Stephen Price Plumbing Service have been providing a variety of high quality specialist plumbing services in Treorchy and surrounding areas for over 20 years now.


Here's what we can offer you...

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Easy Access Showers and More

This specialist shower installation service is tailored to all of your personal requirements.

Installing easy access showers is all in a days work for me. These fittings are the perfect adjustment for elderly and disabled clients requiring some additional support. Allow me to fix a shower seat and grab rail for you as well so I can make your life a lot easier. All you have to do then is enjoy your brand new shower space!

Additionally, walk in showers are becoming ever more popular among all age groups and can transform a room from a place in the past to a space in of future.

Regardless of what style of shower fitting you need, Stephen Price Plumbing Service can make that happen for you.


Modern, Spacious and Sophisticated

Wet Room installation isn't limited by space but only by limited imagination.

This high standard installation service provides you with a more open plan look. The benefits of your new wet room are that there are fewer obstructions such as fixed cubicles and shower trays allowing room wheelchair accessibility. Safety proofing your bathroom design into a fresh, more spacious direction. 

The team and I pride ourselves on approaching each Wet Room project with an open mind due to the versatile nature of the work and the enjoyment we get from its transformations.

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Tailored to your Style and Needs

This free specialist Shower Design & Wet Room Design service is a great way to work together and share exciting ideas.

Together we will choose a theme, colour scheme and the interiors. We'll discuss how to maximise the space so that I can then transform the old into the new.


The specialist advice from myself and the team will guide you through the process to ensure your dream Shower & Wet Room meets all the correct specifications and budget. 


High Standard Detailing

With 20+ years' experience I have a keen eye for fine detailing when it comes to Shower Wall Panelling.


The uPVC shower panels I use leaves your bathroom space seamlessly waterproof and because of this they require very little maintenance, perfect for keeping your shower panels the way they looked on the day they were installed.


There are plenty of colours and effects for you to choose from when picking the theme for your shower space and I always have samples on hand to help you decide.

Whatever style you decide to go with, rest assured no stone is unturned with Stephen Price Plumbing Service.

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Stephen Price Plumbing Service

Keeping your shower space a place you won't want to leave.

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